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Buhrs BB300 Envelope Inserter
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Fully Refurbished Buhrs BB300 Envelope Inserter

Fully Factory Refurbished Buhrs BB300 available in July. Choice on range of Rotary / Shuttle or Friction Feeder to fit your system requirements.

Panels chemical dipped and powder coated for a superior and hardened coating. Common parts replaced would be:

Chains / Belts / Bearings / Jaw Blocks / Springs / Pusher Fingers / Insert Fingers / Rollers / Suction Pipes / Pump Refurbished / Gear boxes drained and replaced if necessary etc.

Non Common damaged / worn Parts would be replaced such as Shafts / Uprights etc.

Supplied with New PLC / Touch screen controller and wiring to include new software to enable advanced functionality such as run up & run down.