Sending your debt recovery letters simply and easily with The Business Board’s ‘click to print’ letter service.


[x_icon_list][x_icon_list_item type=”check”]Fast and effective debt recovery [/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”check”]Very cost effective, simple approach[/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”check”]Flat rate, no additional fees[/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”check”]Standard letter before action – only £1 (plus VAT) each[/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”check”]4 hour despatch guarantee[/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”check”]Professional and experienced specialist debt recovery teams for further court action[/x_icon_list_item][/x_icon_list]

An extension of your credit control department that gets results.

A letter to the debtor detailing the outstanding debt and reserving the right to proceed to court action.

Debts are often swiftly settled without the need to take the matter further.

If payment isn’t made then court action can be issued and a claim form filed with the Court.

If the debt is still not paid after the time authorized by the Court has elapsed then a Judgment can be issued and an application for Enforcement made.

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