As the business owner

One of the most common issues in an exit strategy is how dependant your business is on you. Equally, sometimes it is challenging and unpractical to have a complete second tier management in place. The below questions may help ascertain just how dependant your company is on you, if you don't know already.

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These are a sample of our thought provoking questions, Most of the time you will know the answers. Sometimes the challenge is how to implement what needs doing.

We would suggest you review some of the area’s needing greater attention on a regular basis either monthly or quarterly.

How many hours per week do you work (at this business)?

What percentage of your customer relationships are tied to you, the owner? (% of total sales)

What percentage of your work-time is dedicated to planning, analysis, or systems development?

The business has a step-by-step strategic plan which is regularly reviewed and drives our activities

All employees are familiar with the overall vision of the business and understand their part in achieving it

I'm only really involved in the business in an advisory capacity - management and systems are in place for day to day operations

The business has a solid (non-ownership) management team in place?

Employees with management potential are identified and groomed for leadership?

With or without you, your employees are dedicated to continuous improvement?

You delegate work to others well?