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Unusual opportunity to acquire this well-established London based creative agency,
specialising in end to end definitive digital marketing, from concept and creation to delivery
and analysis.

This is a full service creative agency specialising in digital marketing, that has a reputation
for being at the leading edge of this constantly changing sector. Great effort is made to
understand and plan digital strategy, with emphasis not just on their client’s needs, but those
of their client’s consumers.

Their long-standing partnerships have taught them that clients look for an agency that feels
like an extension of their team. They work alongside clients to devise executions that deliver
business objectives, the aim being to grow with their clients and become their definitive digital

Based in Shoreditch in leasehold premises totalling 1,600 square feet, there is a well
balanced team numbering 16 at full head count, with experienced managers heading up
specific functional areas.

Excellent profits are made on sales of £1.27m in FY2017, and there is an extremely strong
pipeline that should see this comfortably exceeded in 2018.

The business is looking for a strategic partner / acquirer as part of a long term exit strategy
to assist with the exit of part of the senior management team, but also to stimulate the next
phase of growth as it does not currently have the resources to fulfil the present opportunities.
The main operational Director will stay on long term, otherwise handovers will be provided
according to need.

A full profile is available once a non-disclosure agreement has been signed.

For further details please contact:
Dominic Marlow
07894 164200