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Giving you the support to maximise your opportunities, exit strategy & assets.

The Business Board was founded by a team of current and former business owners who recognised the real lack of genuine support for businesses on a number of levels. Having completed over 200 transactions in the last 10 years, we've seen these issues up close and have a real understanding of the challenges some businesses face when seeking fair, objective and legitimate advice.

From the outset, our ethos has always been to support businesses and help them to maximise the opportunities available to them. From preparing for and guiding on exit strategies and business sales to comprehensive business evaluations & reviews as well as maximising the value of property assets and advising on the best possible finance options available to them.

What makes us different? It is this desire to provide support in an otherwise sometimes unforgiving market place that underpins everything we do. Given that so many of our team are either current or former business owners, we have an intrinsic understanding of the challenges business owners face and can relate to almost any situation our clients find themselves in. We fundamentally believe in achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and in maximising their returns, whilst in turn our fee's are a reflection of our core values: fair and transparent.

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Often the business owners we work with have built their business from the ground up and laboured long and hard to get there. You will no doubt have a good circle of family and friends around you but often business ownership can still be a lonely place. By creating a platform that enables business owners to receive fair and objective advice and support, our primary focus has always been to help businesses in the UK marketplace to thrive and flourish.

Whether that be through online & telephone consultations or more in depth face to face meetings, our consultants are always on hand to discuss the challenges your business faces in order to get a real understanding of where you are currently and where it is you would like to go, be it an exit strategy, growth through acquisition/new business or strategies to re-align and streamline your business.


“70-80% of businesses marketed never sell, 70-80 % of our sales do. We don’t take on a business unless we know we can sell it and meet the sellers expectations.”

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