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We have pleasure in welcoming Alex Scott to The Business Board team.

Alex Scott is one of the UK’s leading independent business consultants in the field of Printing, Copying and Document Management. He has worked in the industry for 40 years and has seen many changes in that time.

He is Co-founder, Director and Senior Consultant with Wyse Solutions, the UK’s leading independent Document Management Consultancy & Auditing firm, servicing organisations with over £1m spend in print and document management.

Alex writes for journals, and speaks at business events about change, and its associated implications.

Alex is pleased to be working with The Business Board (TBB) in assisting printing companies who may be challenged, or simply looking for a new direction. This includes buying and selling, mergers and acquisitions, or restructuring.
Alex has been in the industry for four decades, and as he enters his fifth, it gave him an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 years and speculate on the future.

Alex is looking forward to working with The Business Board to bring his technical and financial skills to support TBB’s clients.

In the past twenty years he has been a specialist in outsourcing, business restructuring and transition, including M&A.

The news from Q1 2020 to date……

• Taylor Bloxham: admins close most of business
• Exclusive: Anton directors evaded tax ‘to help ailing company’ the company ceased trading with a creditors’ shortfall of almost £13.4m.
• API Group enters admin as US parent pulls plug
• Specialist litho printer Emtone has gone into voluntary liquidation
• Long-established Thomas Loughlin (Liverpool) is shutting down after almost 130 years in business.
• Specialist printer Cem Press has gone into administration after suffering a downturn in trade.
• Rise of the robots – high-volume printing superplants have robots that transports huge reels of paper smoothly to the presses, as needed.

*Source : Printweek Jan & Feb 2020

Is the solution in efficiencies, specialisation, outsourcing, acquisitions, consolidations/mergers?

Every business is different and there will be a different solution for every business.

Create sound business plans that include print, not just print business plans… You can download Alex’s latest article on the current state of the print sector below.


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