Frequently Asked Questions



At the Business Board we market through all the conventional routes that agents and Business Brokers use.

In addition to this we have created a registered database of UK and overseas investors including pension funds, family trusts and a large network of overseas buyers to give your company maximum exposure.


After comprehensive marketing, the market will dictate the price. In addition to the general marketing, we undertake detailed profiling and send highly targeted campaigns to potential suitors. We aim to create a shortlist of potential suitors before putting forward proposals.

All prospective purchasers are prequalified on affordability, evidence of funds, the vision they have for the business and most importantly the people involved. It may not necessarily be the highest bidder that has their offer accepted, but the one who can deliver the best deal overall.


A team of Business specialists and former business owners, who have completed in excess of over 200 transactions in the last 10 years. We are backed and supported by a direct marketing company to maximise the exposure of our engagements, to ensure you maximise the price you achieve.

We don’t stop at a one off approach, we will ensure the marketing is maintained throughout until your business or property sale is completed.

One of us will, generally, attend every meeting throughout the process. This gives you the support from start to finish in one of the most important business journeys you take. Consequently, the probability of a sale has a much higher chance of completing.

70-80% of businesses marketed never sell, 70-80 % of our sales do. We don’t take on a business unless we know we can sell it and meet the sellers expectations.

I don’t think my business is in the best shape to sell?

Everything you do to prepare for a business sale is actually a good discipline on which to run your business, for example not being too reliant on the owners, or that they are able to extract themselves without it being detrimental to the business.

In addition to having strong systems and processes in place, good accounting records, minimising significant client concentration and demonstrating the future opportunities in other markets and potential diversification.

Ideally, we like to speak with business owners 2-3 years before they are ready to sell. We can give indications of current demand as well as valuable, easy to follow advice on what they need to do to get their business in the best shape for a sale.


The first phase of information publicised is agreed beforehand and is non-specific to your company. It includes headline information and figures such as broad regional location, size, profit, and sales mix with the key selling points.

Any interested parties would sign a non-disclosure agreement and, after seeking your approval, we would send a memorandum on your company. This is based on information compiled with yourselves.

What’s a buyer looking for and what are they likely to pay?

We have a thorough understanding of how businesses are valued and what the business is worth to different buyers. For example, it will be worth more to someone who is looking to get into new sectors, than just another trade buyer. We don’t quote prices but guide buyers on market expectations, the factors on which to base offers, which we enhance by targeting strategic buyers, who are more accustomed to the M&A process.