The GA Business Barometer

The GA Business Barometer will identify what work you need to do to maximise the value in your business. We go live on all sections in March, but the first two panels are active to give you a feel of the areas that need to be considered

Please select the first area you would like to focus on

How our finance department works

Our customers profile
Our systems and processes
Our growth
The GA Business Barometer is under construction and will be live during March. Please email, if you would like notifications and report samples

Bill's Story

The names are fictitious but based on a true story of someone who took their business turnover from £3,000,000 to £10,500,000.

The company was then sold after a four year period.

They used the GA Business Barometer to identify what work needed to be done.

‘Bill’ now works with the Business Board, and if you would like to submit your reports, ‘the real life Bill’ or one of his team are available to help.

Once we’ve reviewed your business , we offer a FOC session on how to implement the findings on your report.


Common Sense Advice

We pride ourselves on giving practical advice with achievable objectives. Our team are experienced business men who have seen most situations between them and would be happy to help you grow your business.

Step one

Once the panels go live on March 15th, the first stage would be to complete one panel in an area that you would like to review first. Just by completing the questions, it will set you thinking about some of the area’s that may need some work.

If you press the submit button we will send you the report within 24-48 hours, all FOC.

Step two

If you found the report of use, it would be good to take an hour out and complete all the sections, and we will send back your report.

Step 3

On receipt of your reports, if you would like to schedule a call with one of our team, they will talk through your report and give you some pointers how to implement your plan.