Pro-active Accounting

Our accounting partners are not just there to do your year-end accounts but are lateral thinkers that consider all the options open to you, they think commercially and pro-actively on your behalf.

The right accountant can be pivotal in the growth and success of your business, the wrong one can be disastrous.

We would estimate that only 10%, potentially 5% of all accounting firms would be suitable to fulfil such a role, these statistics are compiled by member’s research and experience.

The question is how do you select the right one, firstly if we know of a company in your area we would be happy to put them forward.

If you would like to do it independently some considerations should include:


Business acquisitions & disposals

If you are making an acquisition or selling your business top, professional advice is imperative, they will have done this several times for clients – you generally only do it once.

Our accountants and solicitors are there for you, and will always be there throughout your business journey . They will enhance your business and help guide you through, so please ensure you are getting the best advice.

We know a number of accountants and solicitors who can give you such support, and put themselves in your shoes. We will happily recommend one near you.

Equally, if you have great professional support, don’t keep it a secret as we are always happy to add to our list of recommended practices!

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