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Job satisfaction, remuneration, overall package are taken as read, but we specialise in REAL engagement programs to ensure all the team are working in the same direction, together as one.

We can help identify and address challenging employees and situations.

With the various areas of legislation to understand and associated decisions to make, we appreciate this can be a daunting and sometimes troublesome aspect for any business. At The Business Board, we offer specialist HR services to ensure you are not only making the right decisions to impact your employees and your business, but also making sure you are compliant with the various laws and best practice.

Our network of HR Consultants understand the industry intrinsically and prioritise taking the time to understand you and your business, in order to advise you on the most relevant matters and best practice for your company.

Employment documentation

This is a huge area which changes continuously. Businesses that employ staff need a raft of HR-related documents to ensure compliance with the latest and ever-changing legislation. You’ll need advice on employment documents ranging from advertising and recruitment throughout the relationship with your employees, to termination of employment for any reason. Whether you need employment contracts (full-time, part-time, fixed term), staff handbooks, individual polices and procedures, intellectual property, confidentiality issues and restrictive covenants or compromise agreements, we can help you to get it right and avoid potentially very expensive and unforeseen pitfalls.

HR support and training

HR professionals are busy people but knowing the A to Z of employment law, as well as keeping up with all the changes in legislation, is impossible. Our employment consultants aim to support your HR professionals, helping you to improve the effectiveness of HR within your organisation and to avoid costly mistakes. Our advice is employer focused – you choose the level of support, whether you want ad hoc advice or regular updates and our employment law solicitors will provide practical solutions at our offices or on your premises.

If you have no HR department or if you believe your HR department or managers would benefit from some support or employment law training, we can offer this on an individual or group basis, at your premises or ours.

Contentious matters

Our legal consultants are pleased to offer advice and assistance on all aspects of dispute resolution, whether negotiating, mediating, bringing or defending Court claims including injunctive relief and all types of claims dealt with by the Employment Tribunals.

These can include disputes where employment is ongoing (bullying, deductions from wages, unpaid bonuses or commissions, discrimination) or claims following termination of employment alleging unfairness or discrimination. We also have considerable experience in advising on and enforcement of post-termination restrictions and/or breaches of them.

The overriding aim of our HR team is to resolve disputes quickly, cost effectively and in line with our clients’ commercial objectives. This is why we offer pre-litigation negotiations and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation. We have a fully trained and accredited mediator within our team, however, if litigation is unavoidable the members of our team are well known for their focus and tenacity. We are also committed to delivering a commercial service where transparency of costs is achieved and maintained.

Dismissals – fair and unfair

The subject of dismissal is a fraught one, whether in respect of redundancies, dismissals for one of the other fair reasons or where a claim is made for unfair or wrongful dismissal. Whether you are trying to implement a fair dismissal process or feel you are the victim of an unfair one, get in touch with our employment law solicitors – we’ll offer advice, support and assistance.

Equality and discrimination

The new Equality Act now covers such matters as discrimination and equality including equal pay. Our employment law team can assist and advise on all aspects of this area of the law whether it relates to age, sex, marriage, sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment, religion or philosophical belief or race or ethnic group.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]