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The Business Board and the Print Sector

The Business Board has been active in the print sector for a number of years. Led by our industry specialist Steve Phillips, we have assisted with, and consulted on a number of projects.

Steve’s experience in the industry, coupled with overseeing a number of successful deals in the litho, digital and POS sectors, means that The Business Board is an ideal partner if you want to maximise the value of your business.

We are confident that we can make positive impact on a client’s business in a number of ways:

Like many ‘mature’ sectors, the print sector in general can be a challenging market to operate in. Drawing on past experiences, and successful outcomes, we can offer objective assistance that provide tangible solutions.

Our online trade directory InkLink is an easy way to kick start things. You can bid on and win trade work, outsource jobs, and also publicise your business and it's services. It will also enable you to connect with other printers in order to work together in the most efficient way. Straightforward direct contact.

You can read more on our online print directory; Inklink, and how you can register as a member here:

The below case study gives a little more background detail on how we work with our print clients, the challenges some of the printers we work with have faced and the solutions we help to implement to ensure their businesses maximise their full potential:

Print and packaging sector Case study

Whilst selling businesses in various other sectors we have found that the print industry would benefit from some of the connections and leads we generate.

Primarily we sell businesses or help businesses get to a situation where they are able to sell.

A number of challenges have appeared within the sector and in the first instance, we analyse what businesses need. A lot of companies need to fill the capacity they have or to downsize and save on the overhead. Unfortunately, to do nothing is a common option.

The sector generally sells for 2 -3 times ebitda. However, a better outcome may be achieved dependant on the buyer or buyers by splitting trade and assets.

We suggest the seller does this to maximise the amount received for the business!

With revenue streams eroding at 10-15% pa in some cases it is a continual challenge

Some smaller, agile companies are able to adapt accordingly, but if you have surplus capacity and big presses to fill, then it is challenging.

What we try and do through our printlink directory’ is help printers and related sectors to link with each other and the outside world.

Apologies but it is not open to direct mail companies as would be a conflict of interest with Herald Chase, who are the backbone behind The Business Board direct marketing

Companies get the type of work they want, the work they are good at and as a consequence, make the most margin on. To help try and fill capacity, the entry is free of catches

Steve Phillips, who heads the print division, has worked in the print and marketing industry for over 25 years. To quote Steve:

"It has been a continual challenge within the print sector for many years, but through the Business Board directory and trying to connect companies, we are pleased with the progress and assistance we have given to the UK print industry"

Steve Phillips, The Business Board