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Your accountants and your solicitors should be your best friends in business and your ‘go to’ people for advice.

They should be able to guide you through business decisions.

If you are not getting that support, we know plenty who can help.

Some accountants are happy just to do your annual audit, but others are commercial and will work on your business plan with you.

Some solicitors will just do your transaction for you , others will talk though the commerciality of the transaction and the pros and cons.

Both should help you picture what life’s like after the transaction or change.

If you are concerned about your company structure, asset protection and liability cover, do drop us an email and we will happily talk it through (FOC) and put you in touch with an accountant that can help.

Business Acquisition & Disposal

If you are making an acquisition or selling your business this advice is imperative, they will have done this several times for clients – you generally only do it once.

If you have put your own funds into your business , ensure you are a secured creditor, registered at Company’s house.

Our accountants and solicitors are there for you, and will always be there throughout your business journey . They will enhance your business and help guide you through, so please ensure you are getting the best advice.

We know a number of accountants and solicitors who can give you such support, and put themselves in your shoes. We will happily recommend one near you.

Equally, if you have great professional support, don’t keep it a secret as we are always happy to add to our list of recommended practices!

Thanks to the Business Board team for the content.

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Published On: October 5th, 2017 / Categories: Business /