What does Gareth Southgate have that most of his predecessors don’t? Why has he succeeded where they have failed? Despite the fact that on paper his CV is far less suitable for the role than many others.

For one it’s his grasp of the needs of the individual and how to get the best out of each player – but even more so it’s knowing and understanding the culture, ethos and vision of the organisation.

His man management skills are often referenced on Linkedin, and I’m sure he will become one of the go to examples for management training.

But I think there is a lesson for business owners in this – that the right person can come from within our own team.

When we help sell businesses, one of the big influences on price is the leadership team. We always start by asking if there is anyone in your company who could take that role.

This potential MD might not have the CV of a Sven Goran Erikson, the charisma of a Terry Venables or shout about their credentials from the roof top.

But they do know the company; it’s values, strengths, and weaknesses. The clients, products and services.

Often a business doesn’t need re-inventing. It needs to evolve in a controlled manner, constantly and gradually. An internal person should be considered to do that.

Sure, they might need a little coaching. Gareth did his time getting his coaching badges and leading the Under 21’s before growing into the role of national manager.

Like the England team, I have done both with the internal option being more productive, controlled and successful.

If their attitude is right, you can help them evolve and don’t need to look for the super star MD.

Whilst potentially taking more time, should you recruit from within?

As always, good luck with everything, and if we can help in any way we’re happy to do so.

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Published On: July 16th, 2021 / Categories: Business, finance /